Development Strategy

Development Strategy

Eco-friendly Cycling Filtering System

Centralized systems are designed to help you.
Emission from a large number of M/Cs after processing
Chip and cutting oil through ceiling piping
Transfer to filtering system contaminated
Separate the chips and the cutting oil, drain the chips,
and filter the cutting oil.for reuse Method of re-supplying to each M/C


Manless Chip Recycling System

Chip Recycling Processing System Process
from each M/C Chip for cleanliness inside
the factory Conveyor to transport, compress,
store, step, package. manageable unmanned
automation system


Propulsion Strategy

R&D performance

2019.06Design Consulting and Brand Development

2019.05Smoothing with DC filter

Development of Pressurized Central Filtering System for Line

2019.04Export Voucher(catalog, promotional video, homepage, product design, etc.)

2018.05Cut-off Compression ChipBriquetterAutomatic Packaging

Automated loading/discharge/systematic system

2017.12Development of Eco Vacuum Filter System

by Applying Cleaner Technology of Cutting Oil

2017.12Eco(br) with clean cutting oil technology

Vacuum Filter System

2015.12Development of Screw Conveyor for Multi Chip Processing

2015.12Vacuum Paper Filter System Development

2015.10Recycling of waste through clean technology of cutting oil

2014.06Development of Driving System for Fixed Tool Grinder

2013.12Sludge Waste Regeneration and Cutting Oil Recovery System

2013.04Development of High Performance Eco-friendly Slugge Compression (press) System

2011.11Development of Localization of High-Performance Cleaning Automatic Chip Processing System