Quality Policy

Quality Policy

IENTECO continues to implement activities such as quality improvement and quality innovation through advanced management and the operation of quality management systems oriented toward international quality, and all employees strive to realize customer satisfaction.

  • Quality Management Policy

  • Quality System

    The quality system that the company has built and is operating. through systematic management It is in operation to ensure continuous security. Complaints from customers and nonconformities Quickly process, provide quality service, and To meet the needs of the customer, Address complaints and realize customer satisfaction through improvement.

  • Quality policy

    to meet the customer's requirements and to the extent that we manufacture All products have the responsibility to protect the safety of their customers. Product Deliver to customers continuously, and operate systems efficiently. To meet quality policies and reduce, eliminate, and prevent quality defects put forth one's utmost efforts for continuous improvement

  • Quality certification

    The Company conducts a thorough inspection of all products under production, manages quality certificates, and records the results of each unit inspection.

    Process inspection
    Nonconforming products produced between processes To prevent the injection into the next process Conduct an inspection for
    Final inspection
    Complete performance and confidential inspection of the finished product Ensure reliability and nonconformity by conducting the test Prevent what is provided to customers in advance.
  • Operation of Quality Management System
    for Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve operationsby improving processes
  • Securing quality competitiveness
    through creative innovation
  • Realize customer satisfaction
    with product reliability