We'll give you my sincere thanks to our customers.

  • Gyeongnam Branch President of the Venture Business Association(2019.02)
  • Selected as Functional Koreans (2019.02)
  • How are you? Welcome to IENTECO.

    We will become a company that will realize eco-friendly green management and 4th industrial revolution. Our company strives to provide the best quality and best products with the best core value of customer satisfaction.
    Based on excellent R&D and human resources development, IENTECO Co., Ltd. Centralized chip processing unit & br]Coolant system facility, other waste recycling and eco-friendly fields and private aircraft It is a professional business that can design, manufacture, and construct devices, and it is a business that can produce, manufacture, etc. We offer integrated services for customer satisfaction in a variety of areas.

    The leader in technology differentiation, innovation, and challenges! In line with low-carbon and green growth era, IENTECO wants to share our extensive technologies and know-how accumulated over decades in the field of eco-friendly facilities (chip conveyor, centralized coolant system, waste recycling system, etc.) with our customers.

    Advanced Technology as a Human Enterprise in the 21st Century As a leading company in the 21st century, IENTECO introduces advanced technology, discovers the best ideas, makes its best to grow into a global leader based on ingenious technology, thereby making a steady progress.
    We'll give our sincere thanks to our customers who are always supporting us with their generous love and interest.

    We look forward to your continued interest, participation, and utilization.
    Thank you.

    CEO Kim Ik-jin