Realize high-to-liquid separation by using centrifugal force inside the unit
A/S is not needed because the filter is free from clogging and is excellent filter suitable for the environment.


  • Keep the coolant solution clean at all times, such as machine tools and washing machine containers, to keep the best processing precision continuously.
  • Significantly reduce the rate of defective products.
  • Prevent coolant from decay and eliminate equipment life extension and fluid exchange and tank cleaning.
  • No filter change is required due to structure without A/S.
  • The great saving effect of running coasters.
  • Characteristics

    Main Interoperability (no maintenance)& Waste Zero

    No need for filter change by high-liquid separation using centrifugal force.

    No waste fluid generation, no cumbersome filter exchange work, and a big cut in the running course.

    High efficiency, high precision effect

    It is allowed to remove 99% of sludge of 25μ and 90% of sludge of 10μ at the supply pressure of 0.2Mpa.

    Improving quality and equipment reliability by maintaining the cleanliness of fluids.

    Prevent bubbles from being drawn in by air.

    The air doesn't form a foam that's dried up. Inability of pumps is also caused by
    bubble ratio Prevent workplace pollution.

    Easy sludge treatment with dirty fluid concentration

    Dirty fluid is concentrated at a high concentration by mounting the slipport and is easy to follow.

    Also, because it does not return sludge, the total amount of sludge in the dirty bank is reduced. Provide high-precision processing in VF.

    Stainless Steel, PVC Product Standardization
    , Expanded Application Scope

    Food, pharmaceutical, and stainless steel standardization without rust; From electronic components to industrial water, solvents, cooling water, and waste water, Can be used for a variety of purposes.


    Reclamation, screening of decisions produced in the course of food, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, etc.

    Remove foreign substances from circulating cleaning fluids of ultrasonic and high-pressure washing machines

    Removal of fine fins and grinding materials from machined coolant

    Eliminate industrial waste water, wastewater treatment tank, etc. erosion and chemical compounds